Can everyone be hypnotised?

Most of you may have wondered at some time or the other –  is it actually possible to hypnotise anyone? Well, the answer is yes! If they are willing and are open to suggestion, then they can be hypnotized.  Perhaps you have come across someone who claims that they just can’t be hypnotised? Interestingly, such claims are considered futile according to a scientific study which has proven that every human being has the tendency to be hypnotised. The study also confirmed that there is no risk of physical harm to the person if brought to hypnotic state. Nevertheless, there are surely some psychological reasons that prohibit the person from entering into a hypnotic state.


Notably, people who are resistant to allow themselves being hypnotised are “control freaks”; they never wish to lose control of themselves, thereby keeping the hypnotist from exercising any level of control over their activities and mind. Of course, it is a misconception that the hypnotist has any control over the client beyond what they are willing to allow.


A lack of trust of the hypnotist is another reason that causes reluctance for being hypnotised. It is essential that the client has a trust of the hypnotist and is comfortable enough to be able to completely relax during the hypnosis. Likewise, if there is any distrust or discomfort on the part of the hypnotist, there is every possibility that the treatment will falter.


To put it in nutshell, if you are venturing to a hypnotist for help with a condition or personal issue, but lack trust over them, then the treatment is not going to work. So, it is mandatory to find the right hypnotherapist that you can rely upon and are absolutely comfortable with. Another word of caution would incorporate finding a well trained, legitimate and experienced therapist for you.