Hypnosis Can Help You Finally Quit Smoking

On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). That is a frightening realization for many smokers. So why not just stop? What about dying 10 years sooner than natural is not enough to scare any sane person into quitting? Well for anyone that has ever been truly addicted to anything, quitting a bad habit is not as easy as “just quitting”. There are different circumstances, temptations, motivations and obstacles for everyone.

Will-power / self-motivation is easier for some than others, and even then, it can be abundant one day and scarce the next. This causes a problem for most of us because even though we may be committed and inspired to make positive changes one day, the next day we may lose that resolve and fall back into the negative patterns that keep us addicted. Then that one bad day is all it takes to give up on ourselves.

So how can hypnosis do what the pills, patches and gum (PP&G) can’t? While the PP&G can help somewhat to control the physical cravings, the emotional need for calmness, pleasure and comfort that comes with the cigarette is still there gnawing at the back of our mind begging to be satiated. Some smokers are fortunate enough to find a new habit that they feel is better for them to replace the old habit. However, for others, there is a sense of security and familiarity that comes from smoking that can’t be replaced by a different habit.

When a person stops smoking, the nicotine is out of the body within about 72 hours; however, the emotional/psychological dependency is not so quick to leave. That is the part hypnosis can help with. Hypnosis reaches the subconscious part of the mind that “drives behavior”. Every smoker consciously knows that smoking is not good for them, yet the subconscious pushes that aside. This is why other methods that do not address the subconscious drives are not as effective as hypnosis. Similarly for weight loss, everyone knows they shouldn’t overeat if they want to lose weight, yet the subconscious pushes them in the wrong direction until the hypnotic suggestions are given.

Hypnosis is more effective in that it can be tailored to your specific situation. After a thorough evaluation with an experienced hypnotist, the hypnosis session guides you to accept positive suggestions that will work for your needs, whether it is a firm reminder that what you are doing to your body is poison, or a gentle reminder that you are in control of your body and your mind, or an entirely different approach.

Hypnosis is not an instant fix so when your session is over, you will be given a recording of the hypnosis portion to play any time you feel the need to reinforce the positive suggestions. This will help you keep your motivation when you may have had a bad day and feel your resolve weakening or need to be reminded why you are working towards your goal.

Sometimes a client may not realize a reason for doing something until after their session. This is not a problem. Just come back and discuss the newly discovered reasons or triggers and the hypnotist can change the suggestions to refocus your commitment to achieving your goal.