Holiday blessings

We should, of course, be thankful all the time; but, at least at this Thanksgiving time of year, it is a reminder to bring in a remembrance of gratitude. It is actually very healthy for the heart and the psyche to bring forth feelings of gratitude, compassion, appreciation, and joy. In fact, in the mindfulness practices, they have found that when there is a sense of gratitude and appreciation it brings a feeling of calmness and well-being and is actually allowing and helping the heart to relax and feel more spacious and expansive.

This is, of course, helpful for all of us hypnotists as well as clients. For those who are trained in hypnosis, it can be a very helpful healing process to use with your clients in hypnosis. Whether we are conscious of it or not we are working on many different levels. I wish everyone a holiday season full of joy, love, and light.

Many blessings,
Sarah G