Time sure flies!

Time sure flies! The summer, with its warmth and energy, has gone and has been replaced with cooler temps and very soon we will see the changing colors of autumn. We have just finished up the Fall Hypnosis Training Certification Course and are getting ready to schedule the upcoming classes for Advanced Training as well as setting the dates for Spring, Summer and Fall 2019 courses. As always, I am available to schedule private sessions for those who prefer a more personalized learning experience or past students who might be interested in supervision or mentoring. Please let me know if you have specific interests and I will take them into consideration when scheduling.


Having trained as a psychotherapist in the field of social work for over 30 years, I have found my knowledge of hypnosis to be one of the most effective tools I can offer to help those who come to me for help in improving their life. Hypnosis is such a wonderful and powerful tool to help people move forward in their path much quicker than they would with other, slower processes that have to work around the clutter of the conscious mind. Hypnosis can speak directly with the subconscious mind to plant the new, healthy suggestions, thus making it possible to get right to the heart of the problem. Whether you are thinking about your own process and development or working with clients or patients, knowing hypnosis and hypnotic techniques can assist you in being a master in your area.


I recently worked with a woman who has had a very difficult early life experience. She was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and has been struggling to get through all the treatments. Trying to handle work and all her responsibilities in addition to this has been a challenge. Although she is a strong person, she has been stressed to say the least. What’s more, her daughter and son had to move to live with their father and she experienced tremendous guilt in relation to that.


In her first brief session, she was able to achieve a very deep state of relaxation which allowed her to get in touch with, and strengthen, the part of herself that experiences joy. This enabled her to feel good and realize a sense of accomplishment in being able to be a mother. She’s been able to bring that feeling into her current daily life and she reports feeling much better; happier and more capable.


Allow me to share another quick example. Working with a young man, he shared that he always felt passed around and experienced a lack of connection which has interfered with his ability to achieve a certain level of success within his chosen career path. Hypnosis has helped him to be able to feel more confident and successful. Rather than procrastinating, he is now taking active steps to improve his life situation.


It is so heartwarming to see the impact we can have with others in just a short time. Learn hypnosis for yourself or to help others. I believe everyone should learn hypnotic techniques; it will make this a better world.