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Client Comments!
Hi Sarah, I feel like I didn’t get to tell you how much I have appreciated your poise and your patience with it all. It’s not easy to teach a group from all walks of life and with very different backgrounds and professions and I have really appreciated your warm and enthusiastic approach to hypnosis. I know your inspiration will overflow into my work as I move forward in this journey and I am excited for the road ahead. Please let me know when you will be offering advanced training.

I am beginning to create a hypnosis program for fertility in hope to assist many women that are having a hard time with conception. My intention is to inspire women from all walks of life to conceive and bring new beings into the world with greater ease, health and awareness for all involved.

Thank you again for your wonderful teachings and wisdom. Love always, ~Sara Rossi, HypnoBirthing® Educator and Yoga Instructor
Dear Sarah, I wanted to thank you all so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to present to our group. Your presentation was so informative and helpful. Everyone took away something that they can apply to or that will inform their practice and/or their own lives. Your presentation style was also fantastic. You took important material and made it accessible. That is an amazing talent. We feel so lucky to have someone with your expertise and experience present to our group. Thank you again for your generosity of time and by sharing your knowledge. ~Jenny Schwartz
Restless Leg Syndrome
I have been listening to the recording you made for me for my restless legs. The first week after the session on May 23rd my legs bothered me 2 evenings.. Since then I have not had my legs bother me again. I have listened to the recording about 8-10 times since May 23. After listening to the recording I can only remember the first part of it but never the end of it.

Presently, I am able to relax in the evenings with my husband and my legs are calm and normal. This week I am cutting back on my medicaiton of Ropinerole. I have been taking 3 tablets in the evening for many years and I am cutting back to 2 tablets. This has been life changing for me and I want to thank you so much for helping me with this issue. I can't wait to be able to help other people with their problems because that is really what I want to do with my life. ~Beverly Hayes
Thank you for everything, Sarah! Your class has really set a fire in me to continue to practice and learn all I can about hypnosis! I love it! ~JT
I am so grateful to have taken this Summer Hypnosis Training 2021 class with Sarah! She is patient, kind, and a wealth of hypnosis knowledge. This class provides solid hypnosis training; you will complete this class feeling confident and energized to practice these skills. Since I completed Hypnosis Certification Training with Sarah, I have been more motivated in my personal life, as well as to start my own business. In addition, this class has led me to pursue a continued, advanced study in specialized hypnosis. There is always more to learn, but this class gives you what you need to start your practice. Add to the bonus of meeting colleagues who become life-long family. This is highly recommended training! ~J. Thornton
Working with Sarah helped me access and heal a younger part of myself who learned that attachment was not safe. Through our hypnosis work I was able to change my belief system and ultimately pull in sustainable love. I will be forever grateful that my work with her ultimately helped me say "I Do" to my partner. ~Rachel D
“The course “exceeded” my expectations.

What was the best part of th course and the part you enjoyed the most? “ALL – The teacher & the setting!”

How was the teacher? “Sarah is GREAT!”

Would you recommend it to a friend or colleague? “Yes.” ~Rob Hays, PA. C.
“Exceeded” expectations. “I enjoyed the small class size and enough time to practice.? Covered most everything.” The teacher was “excellent, knowledgeable and approachable with a wide array of experience to help most questions.” ~B.I.D.
“Exceeded expectations”. The best part was “watching Sarah work.” ‘The time was used well.’ How was the teacher? “Amazing. Gifted to teach and do hypnosis.” “Thank you for everything!! It was a pleasure!” ~K.H.
“Just wanted to send Sarah these pictures of me riding the chairlift in Gatlinburg Sunday! I didn't have even the slightest bit of anxiety about it!!! It was AMAZING!!!” I wasn't scared at all, not when we were talking about going, not while waiting in line, and not while riding it up and down the mountain!! -

Read Full Testimonial Here.... ~Lori B.
“…thank you for the classes! It was great to be there again and drink from your wisdom and experience.” ~From an advanced training student, K.L-S.
I recently took several courses with Sarah and I can honestly say I loved them all. Her years of experience, as well as her willingness to answer all of our questions, made it very enjoyable. Being secluded in the mountains with a gorgeous view was just the icing on the cake. I highly recommend Sarah for all of your hypnosis ceu needs. ~Ary Rodriguez, Certified Hypnotist
Wanted to take a moment to thank you for the outstanding class last Saturday. What you provide for the betterment of mankind is immeasurable! I left your advance class for trauma and regression with more knowledge, confidence, and enthusiasm than ever for the power of hypnosis! Thank you for the wealth of information you shared verbally and in the handouts. ~ Denna J. Shelton, CH, RMP
(Sarah) was excellent! Very informative…. I feel good about the information given and I look forward to the upcoming courses. R.V.
Sarah is patient, knowledgeable, and skilled. The BEST! This course is.. amazing! Suzanne Fix, RN, LCSW
Sarah is both personable and knowledgeable. Both practice and theory were covered well. Dr. C. Chandler
Thank you so much for your time, expertise, and patient training in Hypnosis. You class was a wonderful and enjoyable experience. So far, I am amazed and astounded at the progress that my therapy clients have made and the true benefit they receive with Hypnosis. Several of my therapy clients have experienced such improvement that I will be discharging several of them from traditional therapy services in the near future. What a joy to have my clients make such positive change! ~Leah L, MA, LMFTA, LMBT
Thank you for answering my questions so patiently and methodically. I felt very “safe” in asking them – highly unusual for me. Your answers gave me confidence. What a gift you have!
I have 3 sessions booked already; 1 smoking, 1 stress reduction & 1 ego strengthening so far… and feel very confident in doing them –
thanks to you! ~D Shelton
I am getting amazing results out of the volunteers for my practice sessions! People report cutting down and eliminating snacks, more energy, and experiencing an ego boost that allowed standing up to pushy friends. I'm changing lives for the better already! Linda J*
May 15, 2016
This course in hypnosis has expanded my clinical insights and provided a means to expedite treatment and alleviate symptoms of emotional distress in my clients. Systematically presented, the course is readily followed. Sarah is highly knowledgeable, quickly identifies ways to draw her students into the learning process and keeps their needs in the forefront of her presentation. With other professional participants, interactive discussions enhanced my learning and new friendships developed. Linda McGuire*
I have been using hypnosis for 2 years and I am very happy with the results. It has helped me with intense phobias, nervous problems, even bipolar swings. It helps me with my appetite and motivates me to exercise. It has even helped me grow a closer relationship with Jehovah. Each session is recorded on a CD so I can experience the benefits of daily hypnosis. I have also learned self-hypnosis and the art of balancing my chakras as well. This is one of the easiest and most effective forms of treatment, recovery, and promotion of well-being I have ever experienced. Crystal Mathis*
Sarah ruined Thanksgiving for me! Haha! I had a few salads and a crabcake − I just didn′t want all the other stuff. I have lost another 4 pounds! Carol A*
I am down to 213lbs and I don't feel as if I have even tried. I have played your recording almost every day. Most times in unbelievably beautiful surroundings. My image of a safe peaceful place looks more like Edward Abby's now. Thank you so much for giving me the control to stop my run a way eating train. Lynne Jones*
Sarah Gewanter’s training in Hypnosis is first rate. The breath and depth of her own experience as a clinician and hypnotherapist is the first plus. She clearly knows what she is talking about from first hand experience. Secondly, her teaching style is relaxed but focused and thorough. She takes no short cuts and ensures that her students get as much hands-on experience as possible with local individuals who volunteer to serve as training subjects. The materials are all NHG approved, and Sarah generously shares additional materials developed from her own practice. I feel lucky to have found her website and that I was able to register just in time for the training I took. It was worth the investment in dollars and my time. I recommend this program without reservation. Carol MacAllister, M.S.W.*
This week, it goes to Sarah Gewanter--the woman who provided the training for my aforementioned hypnosis course. She's a magnificent teacher, very giving of both her time and expertise . . . all those in attendance especially appreciated her feedback, as well as her encouragement. Green Newsletter, From Blaine's
We also appreciated her graciousness in hosting the training at her home in the mountains . . . that's Sarah in the foreground with (l-r) future hypnotists Susan, Tina and yours truly - Blaine Greenfield
The help I received from Sarah Gawanter was outstanding. She was sensitive to my situation and was able to tailor her work to address my needs. Her professionalism enabled me to relax knowing I was in good hands. Sarah is a gentle guide. Each of my sessions was transcribed on CD’s for me to take with me and use daily at home. I found this feature of working with Sarah to be immensely helpful. I have no reservations in recommending Sarah for professional hypnotic therapy. A satisfied client
On the internet, I was seeking a hypnotist close to my hometown. I selected Sarah because of her educational background along with her counseling and hypnotism experience. I am happy to say that I have made an excellent choice. I came to Sarah wanting help with a variety of problems. The first one was hurtful memories. I felt the memories could not be erased, but my response to them could be modified. After just one session, I now have a totally unemotional response to those very same memories. An unexpected bonus is that I have found some of these recollections actually just slowly fading away. My next difficulty was my weight. After one hypnotism session, I have lost ten pounds in one week!!! I have not been hungry or obsessed with food. In addition to the successful hypnotism sessions, Sarah has provided practical counseling that has given me insight into my problems and ideas on how to best solve them. Patricia S.*
Hi Sarah - I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I haven't had a cigarette in three weeks!!! Not totally easy or anything, but I've done it, which is a different outcome than my previous attempts where I didn't make it past the second day. Thanks for your help. Suzanne - August 19, 2009
“Thank-you, wonderful presentation, great job – I will take home the autosuggestion exercise – applications given were thorough and helpful.” “I enjoyed Sarah’s clear teaching and relaxed demeanor.” “Appreciated her responsiveness to participants.” “Loved Sarah’s voice.” “I want to sincerely thank Sarah for the amazing hypnosis workshops over the past couple of weeks. It was a joy working with her and learning from her.” Rachel D*
I wanted to let you know how much I valued the recent hypnotism training that I received from you. It was both comprehensive and informative, and I appreciated how you went out of your way to answer my many questions. In addition, I also appreciated your hospitality and the great food that you provided, too. I look forward to applying what I learned over the next few weeks as I work toward my certification. Blaine Greenfield *

***Evaluation responses from Social Work Training Seminar participants Sept. 2009***

Training Seminar participants comments:
  • “Very interesting and good presentation. Sarah easily kept my attention for the entire time period.*”
  • “I have attended many classes on hypnosis Sarah is excellent and helpful.”*
  • “I loved the exercises and there was a very good relaxing approach.”*
  • “Helpful, informative. Very enjoyable workshop.”*
  • “As a presenter, Sarah conveyed stability, trustworthiness and gave useful information.”*
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